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Competitive Advantage

Assuring quality products and documentation is a top priority at Southwest Mill Supply. We have extensive investments in equipment and highly experienced personnel who are knowledgeable with the requirements of our core markets.

Our Quality Assurance Lab is climate-controlled with state-of-the-art equipment. The Quality Assurance Team works closely with engineering and manufacturing to ensure the highest quality products.

The most important aspect of any hammer begins with the morphology, or placement of the tungsten carbide particles in the weld matrix. Our metallurgist has developed a metal core wire designed to encapsulate and protect the tungsten carbide particles from premature erosion. The result is an even dispersion of the particles throughout length and depth of the weld puddle.

A cross-section sample is removed using a water cooled cutoff saw.

The section is etched and polished to a metallurgical finished in preparation for microstructural viewing.    

A quality control technician examines the cut sample using a electronic microscope.  

Compare the Quality

See the difference in quality of the Southwest Mill Supply hammer compared to other hammers in this cut away view.

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The sample image is numbered and cataloged. 

Each hammer is tested for the proper hardness.



Slimline Performance Hammer

The ultra-thin Slimeline fusion hardfaced hammermill hammer offers improved performance for fine grind applications. The greater impact areas offer a reduction in energy consumption, increased fines and gained capacity. Download a PDF flier of the Slimline Hammermill Hammer.   …Read more


See how easily you can save on superior quality of wear parts. Get your quote online or over the phone and compare. …GET A QUOTE TODAY!


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