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E-Stepped Spacer System

Our new spacer/bushing system.

With the push for longer wear life, while eliminating hole elongation and rod grooving, Southwest Mill Supply has introduced our latest innovation. The Patented E-Stepped Spacer System, is the result of collaboration between SMS and our partners. Advantages to the system include:

  • Decreases downtime, maintenance intervals and overall cost of operations
  • Eliminates hole elongation and rod grooving
  • Utilize rods multiple times
  • Increased wear life
  • Prevents mill vibration during start-up and coast down
  • Ease of installation reduces install time by 75%

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Download a PDF of an E-Stepped Spacer System installation example



Slimline Performance Hammer

The ultra-thin Slimeline fusion hardfaced hammermill hammer offers improved performance for fine grind applications. The greater impact areas offer a reduction in energy consumption, increased fines and gained capacity. Download a PDF flier of the Slimline Hammermill Hammer.   …Read more


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