Our new spacer/bushing system. With the push for longer wear life, while eliminating hole elongation and rod grooving, Southwest Mill Supply has introduced our latest innovation. The patent pending E-Stepped Spacer System, is the result of collaboration between SMS and our partners.

The advantages of our premium and custom hammers, which are popular with OEMs and aftermarket replacement part customers alike, are the wide array of options. SMS offers a variety of high quality steels used in manufacturing hammers to offer a higher performing and longer lasting products than our competitors.

Our state-of-the-art fabrication and welding facility can custom make the size and style of screen necessary to fit any customer needs. Also, chrome and nickel plated screens are available for special high abrasion grinding requirements.

Rods can be threaded, grooved, slotted, drilled, or plain. SMS carries locking collars, spacers, lock straps, cotter pins, and our Patented E-Stepped Bushing System.  The E-Stepped Bushing system is uniquely designed to address both rod grooving and hole elongation. This system, with wear resistant bushings, is offered with a guarantee.